SCIF – Workplace Violence: Trauma Informed Model

SCIF – Workplace Violence: Trauma Informed Model

Workplace Violence: Trauma Informed Model

Be prepared – State Fund’s Workplace Violence Trauma Informed Model

Violence in the workplace presents an unbelievable challenge for employees, employers and workers’ compensation providers. Horrific mass shootings leave victims feeling violated and traumatized.  Usually, the workplace will be locked down for months due to investigations.  Claim reporting, medical care, benefit delivery are disrupted and your protocols will seem overly burdensome in the midst of chaos.  How can you cut to the chase to provide valuable victim support? Are you prepared for immediate response?

State Fund’s Major Claims Operation adopted a Trauma Informed model and partnered with the Ventura County D.A.’s Victim Unit and the California Victim Compensation Board to help a policyholder’s employees rebuild their lives following a recent mass shooting. 5 employees were murdered.

Learn how to create a first response team, coordinate with other responders and service providers to maximize benefits, and provide trauma informed support and recovery as a workers’ compensation administrator.  Our experience is that an informed and helpful response makes a positive impact on recovery.

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the victims of violence’s needs
  • Learn about Trauma Informed Models
  • Learn why some of the usual workers comp approaches don’t work and suggested solutions
  • How to create a claims administrator workplace violence&/ or disaster response kit


Aug 20 2020



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